Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back From The Dead

First post in 2007.. Seems weird how time flies when you are enjoying yourself on your own. I thought I would never ge back to writing but the thought of facing the white page again was much stronger than the urge to give it all up.
Guess I will be returning here more often to post and read and comment.
Until then, happy new year :P ....

Monday, December 04, 2006

When Little John Died.

- Here I am, take my hand son! Let's go!
- But where are we going, pa?
- We are going there, to a place where you would feel at ease.
- Shall I say goodbye to my brother, or is he coming with us as well?
- No need to, son. We will meet him there sooner or later!
- But… may I just kiss him goodbye?
- No. Follow me!
- Wait a minute pa! Just wait! There is Falté, my teddy bear; I have to take him with me!
- There is no place for him with us. You must leave him here as well!
- Why are you doing this to me, pa? I don't want to go with you anymore! I hate you, I really do!
- Stop it John, you have no choice, you are coming with me!
- No, not unless you tell me where we are going and why I can't take my teddy bear with me, or say goodbye to my brother!
- You are too young to understand, John.
- No, I am not! I am seven years old now!
- I said no, John. Come on!
But John ran from his dad and entered his brother's room to see him! His brother Jack was there, sitting on his desk, writing a letter. So John walked towards him and started talking:
- Can you believe it? Dad was about to take me away from home, without letting me say goodbye to you. But I ran away from him and here I am! Now it is time to say goodbye Jack. There is no need to cry, I won't be long, I promise!
Jack continued writing his letter without noticing his presence! At the end of it, John saw his elder brother sign: "Goodbye little brother, I will never forget you!" So John said:
- Goodbye Jack. Remember, I won't be long, promised!
He left the room without understanding why Jack didn't hear him, or even turn his face towards him to kiss him goodbye! When he got back to his father, the old man noticed that John was crying. Without asking why he said:
- Are you ready now, son?
- Yes pa, here I am. Take my hand now! Let's go!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayel (1972 - 2006)

Alla yir7amak!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amity (The Gathering - Anneke Von Giersbergen)

"The torture won't part you
Motherly breast won't warm you
You fail and foam from your mouth
Why is it so loud, this sound?

All the sense you are capable of
Does not seem to save you
You heed the glance of a smile
Was it impossible to float for a while?

Restless is carrying fever
Burning you to pieces
In search and in need of a friend
Will I bow down to this in the end?

I lay in the hands of my maker
And I want to spend the rest of it awake
Why do I get the feeling they'll break it
It's a fight... It's a fight...

The torture won't part you
Mother's lap can't seem to warm you
You strain, you climb up and frown
Why is it so loud, this down?

All the sense you're capable of
Does not seem to save you
You heed the glance of a smile
Was it impossible to float for a while?

I lay in the hands of my maker
And I want to spend the rest of it awake
Why do I get the feeling they'll break it
It's a fight... It's a fight... "

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Waktada Al Tawdi7! (Ziad Rahbany - October 2006)

عزيزي المواطن أو ما يعادله، درجت لسنين خَلَت حتى إنصرمت بعض المفردات في القاموس العربي واستقرت في عقولنا لكثافة استهلاكها بمعنى واحد فقط ولبناني، علماً انها تستعمل بكذا صيغة حتى في لبنان وخاصة في المهجر

انا، على فكرة، لا ألمّح بطبيعتي بل أوضِّح وأنا لا أُلَطِّش بل اُسَمّي كوني ومنذ الصِغَر كارهٌ من الباب الأول للرمزية ولحرية خيال المواطن. هاجسي عندما أكتب شيئاً أن يُفهم فقط ما هو مكتوب ليس في رأسه بل على الصفحة. صراحةً إن الكتابة في هذه الظروف بالغة المحدودية والتعقيد، فمن غير المعقول أنَّ كلمات كالـ: الحقيقة – شباط – آذار – البحر الأبيض المتوسط – الضريح – لعيونك – قريطم – الحقائق (كونها جمع الحقيقة)، لا يمكن أن تعني ولو بحديثٍ عن "سايغون" إلاّ تلطيشاً على الرئيس الشهيد الحريري
الا يَحقُّ لرجل تخونه زوجته أن يفقد صوابه عند اكتشافه ... ماذا؟ "ماذا أقولُ لأعيُنٍ" غير؟... "الحقيقة".إن كلمة كالـ"حرية"، مملوكة أساسا للشركات الأميركية العملاقة وليس لمنصور البون، وهي لا تأتي دوما في الطرد نفسه مع سيادة واستقلال، بالعكس فأميركا المستقلة بنا جميعا لا تعاني من السيادة حتى ولا على القارة جمعاء. وهل كل
“جنرال” على الأرض من بيت "عون"؟ وهل لـ"أملٍ" ما دوماً مُلصَقٌ للرئيس بري؟
تكون الـ"أجهزة" الكترونية مثلا؟ وللأطفال؟ هل أنَّ "المسار" لا يخرج من بيته إلا هو و"المصير"؟ هل هما "كاسبر و غامبيني" ( خوري و عبيد؟
ليس كل “رسول” هو النبي (ص). فقد يكون ايوب حميد (لا صلّى عليه الله ولا سلّم) وقد ارسله الرئيس بري الى البطريرك صفير يحمل رسالة عاجلة ... ما بتصير
يعني؟ شكرا

Friday, October 13, 2006

Life In A Circus

I can't bear living in this cage anymore!

I want my freedom back! I wish I could go back home; to the place where people don't stand before me, waiting for a stunning move made by a stupid monkey in a lousy cage!

They keep waiting there for hours and if ever they don't see what they came here for; they either spit on me, or throw stones at me, as if the scene of a wounded animal pleased them. They would even hit me with sticks and steal my food, just to make their little disgusting children laugh!

How I wish that just for a day, I could get my freedom back, so I could see the world for the first time. Afterwards, let them beat me if they want, let them kill me! I would have experienced freedom, I would have seen the world in which these ugly creatures live; where they suffer, suffer and die!!
© 2006 Maldoror37

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Launching I-Spot

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