Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Void

I lock myself in my room and put on some loud music, trying to fill the void that is within me, trying to put some distance between myself and the rest of the world.
Now I can let my hallucinant mind run wild. Now I can scream as loud as I want noone can hear me, for even I am unable to hear myself.

-" What's on the menu for today, kind sir? " I shouted.
-" The plat du jour for today is Emptiness as always, sir. You have become a fervent customer of ours, so maybe we can add something extra that goes with it! "
-" Much obliged, but.. do answer me that simple question, sir: How shall I fill it up? "
-" Well, sir, you could fill it with words. Better still, why not try filling it up with a knife? "..

When my rambling mind returned to reality, I noticed there was a heavy pressure in the room, that of silence. Maybe it was because of an electric failure in the stereo, it often occured lately. Anyway, am feeling very hungry now, I must have been in here for several hours... I know that because all is dark outside.

On my way to the kitchen, faces of people I knew kept flashing in front of my eyes; faces of people laughing, I think they were laughing at me. I couldn't take it anymore, I was feeling very nauseous and I was about to faint when finally I reached the kitchen door and turned the lights on.

At that moment, everything seemed clear again.

© Maldoror37 - 2005


Blogger donitsa said...

thx god i met u after u turned the light on :P
coz or i would kill u with my both hand or i would turned on the light by myself.

7:39 PM  

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